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Sync Forked Github Repository With Master

The problem: can’t sync forked github repository with master/upstream changes

While working with Github recently, I was facing a problem that – while I have forked a project repository where I want to contribute but during the time I am working on the forked github repositorythere may be some changes or major updates pushed on the master repository of the project by the original author or other collaborators. So, I need to sync my forked github repository with master repository of the project to get the latest changes.

The Solution

I love to contribute on open source projects on my leisure time. So, I used to fork projects on Github frequently which seems interesting to me and I feel I can contribute on. So, I was in need of a solution.

I have seen on Bitbucket, this can be done from their panel by just clicking on a single button. But in case of Github, there’s no option available. So, after searching on Google I’ve found the right way to sync my forked github repository with the original master repository. I am documenting the steps here on my blog for future reference 🙂

Sync forked github repository with master

First I need to set upstream remote by running the following command:

In your case, you will need to change the repo url to your one.

Next, I will need to fetch the changes from upstream (master repo).

This will bring all the updated changes to upstream branch. Then I can merge the updates from upstream/master with my local forked master branch by running the following command:

Great! Now my forked master branch has all the changes and updates from the original master branch of the repo I had forked.

Now I can just push the update to Github.

If I visit Github now, I will see that my forked repo is showing the following message:

This branch is even with techjewel:master.

sync forked github repository with master repository

That was it. From now, every time if there is any new changes on the master repository of the project, I can easily sync them to my forked repository just by running the following command:


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