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Mentorship Session with Sumon

Free Mentorship Session with Sumon Molla Selim
Free Mentorship Session with Sumon Molla Selim

Are you eager to level up your skills in software engineering, cloud computing, DevOps, and more? Look no further! Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim, a Senior Software Engineer with a decade of industry expertise, is here to guide you on an enlightening mentorship journey.

As a tech enthusiast currently working at Mimecast, Selim possesses a wealth of knowledge in designing and developing efficient, scalable, and secure technology solutions. Beyond his professional career, he is the visionary founder of—an empowering educational platform committed to nurturing the youth through quality skills development training and mentorship on various tech topics.

With a versatile skill set spanning Java, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, AWS, WordPress, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, Git, and more, Selim is a seasoned software engineer adept in frontend development and cloud computing. His expertise extends to system administration and scalable automated deployment, making him a well-rounded mentor for aspiring tech enthusiasts.

Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to benefit from Selim’s vast knowledge and experience. Every week, he will generously offer some free mentorship sessions to individuals eager to embark on a journey of growth and learning.

If you’re ready to take your tech skills to new heights, seize this chance to learn from a driven and accomplished mentor.

IMPORTANT: Please plan a detailed agenda and discussion topics while applying for the mentorship session. Without proper agenda and planning for the session may get your request declined.

Apply for the free mentorship session with Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim now, and let’s shape a brighter tech future together!



Terms and Conditions:
  1. Mentorship Sessions: By participating in the free mentorship sessions offered by Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim, you acknowledge and agree that the mentor has the sole discretion to determine the content, format, and duration of each session. The sessions will be focused on software engineering, cloud computing, DevOps, and related topics, as per the mentor’s expertise.

  2. No Guarantee: While Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim will strive to provide valuable insights and guidance during the mentorship sessions, he does not guarantee specific outcomes or results. The knowledge and skills gained during the sessions are subject to the participant’s dedication, effort, and individual aptitude.
  3. No Liability: Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or harm that may arise from the mentorship sessions. Participants acknowledge that they voluntarily engage in the sessions and bear the responsibility for their actions and decisions based on the information provided.
  4. Personal Responsibility: Participants must understand that any information, advice, or suggestions offered during the mentorship sessions are solely for educational purposes. They are encouraged to verify and validate the information independently before applying it to real-world scenarios.
  5. Confidentiality: Both the mentor and participants agree to treat any confidential information shared during the sessions with the utmost confidentiality and not disclose it to third parties without prior written consent.
  6. Code of Conduct: All participants are expected to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor during the mentorship sessions. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of the mentorship agreement.
  7. Modification of Terms: Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at his discretion. Participants will be notified of any changes, and continued engagement in the mentorship sessions will imply acceptance of the updated terms.
  8. Termination of Mentorship: Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim reserves the right to terminate the mentorship sessions at any time, with or without cause. Similarly, participants have the option to discontinue the sessions if they wish to do so.

By participating in the free mentorship sessions provided by Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the mentor for clarification before proceeding with the sessions.