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Fixing Date and Time Visibility Problem on elementary OS Freya Beta

I am a hardcore elementary OS lover and now facing date and time problem on Freya. I was using Luna for a long time. But couldn’t wait more for the new version of elementary OS Freya and decided to move onto it. So installed Freya Beta 1 64 bit on my HP ProBook 4420s as my primary OS replacing Luna 32 bit.

The Problem: But I found that time and date is missing on the top bar (wingpanel).

Date and Time problem on Freya Beta 1The solution:

After googling, I found out that the solution is to add a single line of information on the /etc/environment file.

I’m a terminal lover. So, I typed the following command on the terminal to edit the file. Remeber, you will need administration access to edit the file.

And the result was:
Editing the /etc/environment fileAll I need to do was to add the following line on it and save it.

You can set your locale (e.g. bn_BD.UTF-8) too as a value.

After a restart the problem was fixed and date and time was visible on the wingpanel.

Date and time visibility problem fixed on Freya Beta 1Alternatively if you are not comfortable editing on the terminal, run the following command on the terminal.

This command will open the /etc/ folder on the Files browser and then you can edit the environment file using your default text editor.

If gksu is not installed, you can install it by using the following command:

Basically gksu is a graphical front-end for sudo that allows graphical command to be run without the need to run an X terminal emulator and using su directly. It’s effectively just a GTK+ skin for the superuser commands.

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  1. Tuhim Tuhim

    are ubuntu apps compatible with eos?

    • Yes. As elementary OS is a derivative of Ubuntu; all ubuntu apps should work on it.

  2. Papilo Papilo

    This worked for me too. Besides, it also solved some language inconsistencies in system menues. Thanks for your post.

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